CRS Ceiling Systems

CRS manufactures, supplies and installs strut framed metal pan ceiling systems for datahall applications. The systems are designed to provide optimal operational flexibility and containment efficiency. Structural strut framework solutions are engineered to support other services with the datahall space, including cable management and fire suppression.

We have conducted significant testing on the actual tile geometry around the strut seal interface to ensure optimal installation simplicity and seal performance throughout life of an installation. All ceiling tiles are manufactured from high quality galvanneal sheet, preventing any risk of zinc whisker contamination.  Ceiling tiles are finished by powder coating to specific colour requirements.

We deliver significant value through the customisation of ceiling tiles to include penetrations for mounting of other services and can supply an extensive range of customised tiles for installation in specific locations across complete datahall areas.  This includes cut-outs for recessed luminaires which can deliver superior illumination results.

Penetrations for mounting a range of environmental BMS sensors can also be provided, reducing up-front procurement and installation costs and providing an aesthetically superior solution.

Provided related information can be secured prior to final manufacture of the ceiling tiles, we are happy to provide penetrations and will take the lead in coordinating with other trades to confirm required sizes and location details.

CRS hot and cold aisle containment solutions