Hot & Cold Aisle Containment

CRS designs, manufactures and installs hot and cold aisle containment solutions that provide a range of benefits, including energy efficient operation and reduced energy costs.

Our containment solutions are vendor-neutral, enabling use with both CRS and non-CRS cabinets, are easily retrofittable, and can be used with or without conventional raised-floor cooling solutions.

The fully assembled system is free-floating, with each component free to thermally expand or contract at its own rate, eliminating “waves” or deflections, and maintaining the structural properties of the material.

Containment solutions effectively partition cold air delivery and hot air extraction, preventing cool air mixing with heat generated within cabinets, delivering a more efficient cooling system.

Hot & Cold Aisle Containment


  • Decreased PUE
  • Increased data centre cooling capacity
  • Compatible with Data Centre VESDA & Inergen gas suppression systems
  • Easily retrofitted and customized around pipe work, light fittings and sprinklers
  • Allows for accurate cooling requirement forecasting
  • Increased CRAC efficiencies by allowing for higher return air temperature post installation due to the reduction in dissipation between hot and cold airflows
  • Smaller Carbon footprint
  • Heavy reductions in energy costs
  • Increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs
  • Prolong and extend the life of equipment by allowing them to operate at much more efficient and less taxing levels
  • Lower chiller running costs
  • Cool much higher heat loads per rack with much less power draw.
  • Can dramatically reduce energy costs, minimize hotspots and improve the carbon footprint of data centres
  • Can be used with or without conventional raised floor cooling. It is easily retrofit-ted into existing raised floor data centres and works in tandem with the raised floor as well as with extreme density cooling systems to produce highly efficient cooling solutions.
  • Up to 20-30% reduction in chiller costs
  • Consistently separates cold and warm areas without requiring structural changes to the data centre. A cold aisle retro fit can be implemented easily and quickly.

Containment Types

Rack Ready Containment

CRS Rack Ready Containment is a ceiling suspended hot or cold aisle containment solution utilising an independent containment solution affixed to the data centre ceiling, making it autonomous and free standing/hanging. Customizable to any aisle configuration or height the system is manufactured from poly carb sheet and aluminium channel, with specialised Brushes creating the final seal between the containment and the racks once they are moved into position.Can be used in conjunction with CRS’s Rapid Deploy Containment with the use of full height rack blanking panels.

Rapid Deploy Containment

CRS Rapid deploy containment was originally designed to provide separation between hot & cold aisles prior to racks being moved into position. Installation provides a suspended containment solution that allows the hot aisle to be contained before the racks are placed in the aisle.

Rack Top Containment

Utilizes Polycarbonate Sheeting & Aluminium F-Channel Extrusions to construct a passive heat barrier between the hot & cold aisles.The sheets are installed in the hot aisle of each rack & fixed into position (TOP & BOTTOM) using aluminium F-Channel Extrusion.The installation of conventional CRS RTHAC may be carried out concurrently with the deployment & installation of both single & double sliding glass/Perspex containment doors.

Pivot Panel Containment

Utilising rotating panels CRS’s pivot panel containment allows the deployment of fire suppression, gases or liquids in the event of a fire in your data centre. Controlled by a electro-maglock & linked to the fire suppression system via BMS controls. The containment sytem is triggered by sensors inside the contained aisle. In the event of a fire, power to the electro-magnet is cut allowing the panels to open so that the fire suppression system can effectively extinguish the fire.

Drop Away Containment

Designed for use underneath lighting and suppression systems this unique Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier. The panels are made of an aluminium frame with a special translucent insert. The inserts are available in either a opaque or clear. The Drop Away Roof Panels make up a drop panel roof system which is deployed in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire the horizontal panels drop away from the channel housing when the temperature reaches 60 degrees. This allows the fire suppression system to deploy the suppression to the area under threat of damage caused by the fire. CRS can customize the sizes of the panels to suit any sized aisle configuration.

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