St George Hospital treats more than 68,000 sick and injured people every year at its emergency department and in October 2017 expanded the existing A&E department to serve the growing demand of the surrounding area. The new acute services building covers 24,000 m2 and was constructed above the existing working hospital floor with a total investment of AUD 210 million.

Business challenge

With day-to-day operations to contend with, the biggest challenges for this project centered on integration with the existing facility, where downtime during periods of construction needed to be minimized to ensure that the hospital remained in an operational state.

The project

The project consisted of providing cabling solutions for the construction of eight new communication rooms, all horizontal copper cabling, one campus distributor with diverse fiber pathways between levels, and the pathway and cable installation for the fiber backbone between the new and existing campus distributors. In addition, the project also included 487 wireless access points.

CRS/R&M solutions

With some cable runs verging on the 90-meter mark, CRS  suggested using the company’s extended channel solution, which allows copper links over 100 meters when tested as a channel. This was well-received by all parties, including builder Brookfield Multiplex, and subsequently incorporated in the design documentation by the consulting engineering company JHA. In the end, most of the 5,600 R&M Cat. 6A U/FTP links were under 90 meters, but those that exceeded that distance tested out perfectly and were covered under the R&Mfreenet lifetime application warranty.

Partnered with CRS, R&M provided a 650 MHz Cat. 6A U/FTP cable as opposed to the industry standard Cat. 6A F/UTP 500 MHz, which supports traditional Ethernet systems as well as uncompressed UHD video: All of R&M’s cabling and components far exceed the minimum defined levels to satisfy customer needs and concerns.

In the project, R&M provided standard R&MPowerSafe copper patch cords, which use IDC contacts inside the plugs instead of the more unstable piercing technique used by others: Installed today, these can easily cater for PoE++ applications in the near future. Furthermore, R&M customized the solution to fit into St George Hospital with a new 2RU FOBOT brought in for this client.

The final installation, which was expertly completed by Datalec Services, included R&M Cat. 6A U/FTP cable, OS2 cabling, blown fiber, and a voice backbone.

Only the best is good enough for healthcare

R&M offered multiple walk through’s with the client to ensure they were kept up to date on the progress of the installers. R&M teams were also present on site compiling several detailed reports and making sure the whole project execution was seamless with no interruption to the hospital’s daily operation.