Data Centre Caging

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CRS security caging solutions are custom designed and built to provide high-level security solutions for computer rooms, server rooms and colocation data centres. The fully modular construction provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing for ease of assembly in difficult locations as well as readily enabling future expansion if necessary.

With an extensive height range, solutions also extend to sub-floor and above ceiling plenum spaces to provide comprehensive and complete area confinement. Each cage panel is manufactured from either security mesh or sheet steel and is supplied in sizes that correspond with standard data hall grids.

A range of door options are available including swinging or sliding doors which are manufactured to specific widths. Our designs offer uncompromised cable access and utilise concealed fixings from the secure wall side.


Features and Benefits

  • SCEC compliant.
  • Large hyperscale cloud provider security compliance.
  • Design incorporates features to enable additional Cage Walls to be added for expansion if necessary.
  • Robust construction to maintain integrity of security visibility and airflow.
  • All panel/post connections utilize concealed fixings from the secure wall side.
  • New design allows for the removal of tiles under the cage wall.
  • Caging solutions can be customized to any environment.
  • Our designs offer uncompromised cable access whilst maintaining specified security requirements.

Cage Types


Standard 2.4M

Designed around 600mm x 600mm RAF Floor tiles, our standard data centre cages serve to offer high level security and functionality for your server rooms and colocation data centres. Available in both perforated and solid style panels, the modular design means that the cage can be added to or modified with minimal effort and impact on the surrounding environment.


Above Cage

Available in solid or perforated panels as well as prefabricated welded tube sections. Bridging the space between the top of the standard cage and the false ceiling, the barriers are fixed into position via a channel system mounted vertically to existing floor-to-ceiling posts, providing additional security and peace of mind above the standard height cages. Customised penetration flanges are designed and installed around services to preserve security plane integrity.



Used to provide an impenetrable barrier under the Raised Access Floor (RAF). Like our standard cages, these barriers are installed to prevent underfloor access between customer cages. Underfloor barriers are available in panels, SL81 Mesh or tubular sections fixed to the under-floor section using secure tamper proof fixings on the internal side.



Consistent with our underfloor offering, In-Ceiling barriers provide an extremely robust impenetrable barricade within the false ceiling of the data centre. The solution provides the same uncompromising security as our other cage styles whilst also providing unrestricted airflow in the plenum, meaning return air flow is unaffected.



Designed for deployment in government/defence applications, our specialised solutions are customer specific and adhere to strict standards set by government agencies and organisations where security is paramount.

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