Server Racks & Cabinets

CRS manufactures a comprehensive range of server racks, cabinets & enclosures that are Australian-made to Australian and international manufacturing standards. CRS server racks and cabinets are hardy and robust whilst being contemporary in design, providing universal compatibility with servers, UPS systems, data storage, back-up devices, environmental control and cable management systems. Our range includes the following;

  1. 19” Server Racks & Cabinets
  2. Open Frame Patching Racks
  3. Wall Cabinets
  4. Tiered Server Cabinets
  5. Outdoor IP Rated Cabinets

Server Racks & Cabinets

Our cabinets vary in size and height from 6ru to 52ru, 600mm-1200mm deep and 600mm-900mm wide.

All CRS racks and cabinets can be customised with a range of compatible accessories to produce an individual solution for each project, or are custom designed to suit the requirements specific to a design brief.

We understand the space, cooling and efficiency issues common to ICT infrastructure projects, and offer passively cooled cabinets that increase airflow through servers and minimise running and computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) unit costs.

Airflow Series Server Racks

CRS Airflow Series server racks have been designed specifically for data centre applications in which the priority is efficient air management, cable management and containment.

Our Airflow Series racks are designed to maximise the throughput of air and eliminate hot air recirculation, ensuring that equipment within the racks operates at optimal environmental conditions. This is achieved through a frame configuration that effectively funnels and deflects hot air away from active equipment back to the CRAC units.

The contemporary design of the Airflow Series encompasses a fully welded robust construction, providing universal compatibility with servers, UPS systems, data storage, structured cabling, back-up devices, environmental controls and cable management systems.

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Airflow Series Server Racks

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Cable management products are designed to house and manage both copper and fibre, including cable trays for the management of vertical cable and robust customised cable chimneys for pre or post patching installation. Vertical Cable Managers combine high-density future-proofing, freeing up valuable floor space.

Proven Benefits from a unified high quality cable management system include;

-Ease of Use

-Reduced signal interference

-Increased acccessability & Improved maintenance during adds, moves & changes

-Reduced cooling and airflow

-Increased effiecencies during trouble shooting & cable tracing

-Reduced time in troubleshooting and cabling or patch changes

-Improved network maintenance & time saving when adding new equipment

-Reduced cable damage due to incorrect bend radius

-Avoiding a rats nest of bundled cable in your MCR or computer room

CRS also has in-house customization capabilities cabable of designing bespoke cable management products to suit your unique requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help

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